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Activating EM (EM-A) with the EM Activator (Garden Yoghurt Maker)

The primary reason to activate EM is economy, not efficiency. It is perfectly acceptable to use EM without activating it. However, adding a sugar source (i.e. molasses) and culturing the microbes ensures that the microbes are active. Having followed the instructions with your EM activator, the end result will be a full strength culture of EM-A, that can then be diluted and applied.

Cost of making 20L of EM-A = 1L EM (35) + 1L Molasses (6) + water = approx 41

To make 1L of activated EM (EM-A) in a plastic bottle:

  • Dissolve 50ml of blackstrap molasses in a little hot water in a cup
  • Add water* until temperature is lukewarm
  • Add 50ml of EM
  • Pour the solution into a 1L plastic bottle
  • Fill the bottle with water* to the top
  • Leave to stand in a warm place out of direct sunlight

    * Water should be dechlorinated - chlorine in tap water can kill the beneficial microbes. Tap water can be used after leaving it for 24 hours in an open container

    EM-A is ready to use in 4-7 days when the pH drops below 3.5 and when it has a sweet-sour smell and has changed colour from black to reddish-brown. If the ambient temperature is low, place the EM-A solution next to a radiator or other warm device to promote EM fermentation. Alternatively, EM can be activated in commercially available fermenters.

    The Garden Yoghurt Maker is a mains powered thermal control incubator. This incubator enables every 250ml of EM solution to be extended into 5L of activated EM (EM-A).