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Microbe Solutions Ireland

Microbe Solutions was set up by Ayako Ozaki and Natasha Harty with the aim of promoting EM technology in Ireland and to distribute EM and related products. The company is now run solely by Natasha Harty. Ayako has returned to Japan and is currently working there with EM Technology.

EM is an abbreviation for Effective Micro-organisms. EM contains natural beneficial microbes such as phototrophic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. It contains no genetically modified organisms. EM has achieved many amazing results in waste management, agriculture and environment. EM technology has spread across the world through the people’s raising awareness of the negative effects of our activities on the environment. If this sound technology is adapted, it will protect our environment and enhance the quality of our life. A beautiful environment is the most precious gift that we can give to the next generations.

What we offer:

  • EM-1 is a liquid culture of natural, non genetically modified, beneficial microbes. These live microbes have been used in the production of fermented food such as wine, cheese and yoghurt. Originally developed as an alternative to synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, the use of EM technology has broadened in the last two decades from agriculture to water treatment, odour control, animal husbandry, human health and numerous industrial applications. More on EM and how to use it.

  • EM-A, or activated EM is made by growing on EM-1 with molasses and water. We sell EM-A or you can make your own using our EM Activator. How to make and use activated EM.

  • EM Bokashi is wheat bran innoculated with effective micro-organisms. A bokashi composting system is a fast and effective way of turning your kitchen food waste into a rich food for your soil. More about Bokashi.

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